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You want to organize and personally plan your safari in Tanzania, Mwambani Tours & Safaris is for you.

Far from the operation of tour operators, our structure is developed on eco-responsible and sustainable tourism allowing local communities to benefit from the economic benefits of tourism.

Mwambani Tours & Safaris listens to you and adapts to your needs. You plan and we organize your stay. As soon as your choices are made, contact us to obtain a quote.

We organize safaris in all the national parks of Tanzania, treks in the high mountains towards Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, but also cultural tourism in different tribes of Tanzania as well as visits to historic sites.
All our guides have the guide license.

We also offer holidays on the beaches of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania.

You can mix the different formulas to enjoy the same stay on a safari in a national park, continue hiking in the mountains and end on a beach vacation.

When your choice is made, ask for a quote in the contact form specifying your wishes. We will do our best to make the stay that suits you.

Environmentally friendly, the whole team of Mwambani Tours & Safaris, guides and specialists in flora and fauna, you will discover Tanzania in all its facets.

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