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Dar Es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest and most influential city with 4 – 6 million inhabitants, Dar Es Salaam is a vibrant East African city that includes lots of excitement and plenty of character. Culture, beaches, shopping and food – Dar Es Salaam has a little slice of adventure for you to enjoy.





1: Askari Monument

One of the most well known historical statues of significance in Dar Es Salaam is Askari Monument. Depicting a soldier with his bayonet pointing to the harbor, the monument is a reminder of the soldiers that fought as the Carrier Corps in World War I.
The cast bronze Askari Monument is supposedly located in the precise center of Dar, in the middle of the roundabout that bisects Samora Avenue with Maktaba Street.


2: Azania Lutheran Church

Originally built by German missionaries in Tanzania, the Azania Lutheran Church is an iconic structure located at Dar Es Salaam’s harbor front. From the cathedral you’ll have easy access to other tourist attractions around town.
When you enter the church, someone will probably approach you and start to guide you around, even without your asking. If you’re alright for this, just let me show you around, and at the end, they might ask for a donation to the church.
You can go up to the top of the Azania Lutheran Church, and see the bell tower.


3: National Museum of Dar Es Salaam

If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Tanzania or see some of the fossils that have been uncovered in the country, you’ll be interested in visiting the National Museum.


4: Dar Es Salaam Fish Market

One of my favorite things to do in Dar Es Salaam is wake up early in the morning and wander around the Dar fish market.
People gather from around the city to purchase the fresh catch of the day. Climb the flight of stairs leading towards to the official offices for a lovely bird’s eye view of the fish market.

5: Coco Beach

Coco Beach, also known as Oyster Bay, is a stretch of beach located on the Msasani Peninsula of Dar Es Salaam. If you are looking for fun things to do in Dar Es Salaam, head over to Coco Beach on the weekend when it’s packed full of local Tanzanians and Asians.
There are plenty of street food snacks and sometimes live music. The open area is also a place where frequent concerts and parties take place – check the city events guide.(where the lunch will be taken)


6: Village Museum

More of a hands on than the National Museum, the Village Museum offers a chance to observe a number of typical style Tanzanian traditional huts and learn more about the tribes of the country.
Dance and drum performances are available upon request if you pay a little extra for the ticket. It’s a just a little extra, and the dance is pretty much available whenever you’re ready.
When I visited, the museum was quite quiet with just a few other there.


7: Mwenge Wood Carvers’ Village

Located on the outskirts of town, Mwenge Carvers’ Village is a great attraction in Dar Es Salaam if you are in the market for Tanzanian souvenirs.
Though there is a lot of the same same type of things, if you take the time to browse around you’ll come away with some unique and quality Tanzanian handicrafts.


8: Tingatinga Art Center

Tanzanian’s have long been famous around Africa for their artwork (even on the streets of Dar). The modern movement of Tingatinga painting is one my my favorite styles of Tanzanian art.
An artistic movement that began with Edward Said Tingatinga, the style is characterized by extremely bright oil colors and cartoon imaginative figures.
The Tingatinga center is a rainbow of color and artistic inspiration. You can browse around and buy anything you see.


9: St. Joseph church

The Saint Joseph's Metropolitan Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is a Gothic church located in Sokoine Drive, facing the harbour, close to the White Fathers' House. It was built by the Germans between 1897 and 1902 and consecrated as a Catholic church in 1905.
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2: Professional guide
3: Lunch
4: Mineral water
5 All the entry fees

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1: Tips
2: Things of personal needs like cigarettes and beers