Cultural tourism...



Cultural tourism in Tanzania started as a program to help rural communities enjoy the benefit of tourism sector. MWAMBANI TOURS has been directly involved in Tanzania's community development programs, especially in the rural areas. Our main goal is that rural communities should directly benefit from tourists who visit their areas.


1: Maasai in Mikumi

The Maasai are a colorful tribe found in Tanzania whose nomadic traditional life- style has lasted for centuries. Their traditional industry is cattle rearing and their herdsmen are extremely skilled. Their villages are adjacent located outside the Mikumi National Park boundaries.
The tour
After breakfast from your Camp/Lodge take an easy walk for about half an hour to Maasai bomas(village) to observe and experience their traditionalcustoms and culture. Traditional dance,life history and how they make their hand crafts and its possible to do the shopping there.


2: Northern(Arusha) Maasai

The Maasai people of Serengeti and Ngorongoro have been herding their cattle for thousands of years. A proud, nomadic warrior race who count their wealth in cattle and children, the Maasai are struggling to integrate themselves in a dwindling world. The dramatic red cloth cloaks and spears of the Morani, or Maasai warriors, contrast with the rich bead collars of their children and gap-toothed wives, as they sing, dance and enact dramas with enthusiastic joy and pride in the richness of their very different culture. Traditionally, the Maasai live in extended families in Tanzania. The men are responsible for security, fencing their circular kraal with acacia thorns to keep marauding lions from attacking their cattle. The boys act as herdsmen while women and girls build houses ,collect wood , water and prepare food. Today, some families often live independently.